Electric Generators for Jensen, Wilesco, & Mamod Steam Engines

Customer Engine Gallery

I provide this page as a guide for customer in order to comapre their engine with some of the success stories I have had in the past. If you are wondering if your engine has enough power to drive these generators, the answer may be here. 


Small Engines - Mamod, SteamCo, Flame Licker

SteamCo STCO.01 and Mamod Se2a powering early (larger) version of my generator

Flame Licker engine powering Model 3 generator... didnt really thought this was possible. Also a Jensen #70 powering an earlier (larger) version of the generator. (Courtesy Mr Oclussion & OZSteamDemon)


Medium Engines - Wilesco D18 & D24, Mamod SE3,

Wilesco D18 driving two generators and powering a variety of elctrical items. On the right, a Mamod SE3 twin cylinder engine. (Courtesy Mr Occlusion & OZSteamDemon)


My Wilesco D24 powering Blue Thunder and my old Jensen 25 powering my first generator.


Large Engines - Graham TVR1A, Bowman M101, & Jensen 55

Compilation of Graham TVR1A and Bowman M101 (Courtesy Mooseman)

Jensen 55 running early generator. (courtesy Mr. Occlusion)